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Bringing these back because it’s that time of year again. 

Sources: S*T*A*R*S and golden-zephyr

Just watched Dear Black People where the climax is at a party where people dress up to “release your inner negro.” Disgusted this actually happens. 

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I need a list of video game theme songs that have vocals. Any suggestions?

King Krule and the Secret to Ennui

A piece I wrote for a music review class I’m taking this semester. I’m quite proud of it so I thought I’d share it with the world!

Certain timbres reflect geography – Memphis growl, California ease. King Krule’s low, almost gutterul singing and monotonous inflections on 6 Feet Beneath the Moon have resonances of Billy Bragg, Morrissey, and other chain-smoking English teen boys. But his voice could never be mistaken for an adult’s – it’s too clean. The minimal voice and guitar on the first track “Easy Easy” invokes a cultural memory of a solitary, gangly lad hunched over a second-hand instrument in a bedroom he outgrew five years ago.

The only reason the first track wouldn’t be at home on a fuzzy 70s pirate radio station is an airy reverb that smudges the voice enough to seem alien. Immediately, however, “Border Line” heaves listeners into complex rhythms and layers of sparse, synthetic noise that coalesce into a blanket of balanced confusion. These washed-out waves in the background never overshadow the foundation of King Krule’s growls and jazzy yet simple guitar licks. You can feel an awareness in the balance of each song. While the repetitive instruments are the first to enter and only entangle more as the song progresses, King Krule’s lazy, angry shouts always break through and dominate.

6 Feet Beneath the Moon runs together smoothly and maintains this dark, creepy tone while fluctuating in lyrical depth and musical structure. Its only major missteps is its inclusion of material released in 2010, when he was 15 or 16 and performing as Zoo Kid. This may please longtime fans, but for most of us his teen angst is more a burden than a bonus. His bandcamp debut “Greyscale” comes with the annotation “Are you paranoid? Yes I’m paranoid,” the love song “Baby Blue” wishes he’d “painted the skies” that optimistic color, and so forth. But even the corniest lyrics are eclipsed by the dark drone of his voice and soundscapes that extract a mix of jazz and hip-hop from washed-out 90s synths.

King Krule’s lyrics are most potent in the new track “Easy Easy.” The song recounts the inanities of daily life like “I should’ve kept my receipts/ Cause the sandwich I bought/ Yeah it’s been off for a week.” This minutiae gives listeners a lifeline, a relatable experience to grip in the ocean of quick, syncpoated rhythms and unidentifiable sounds. His best lyrics never reach too far – “Easy easy/ you don’t have to take that tone/ well easy easy/ I’m on the telephone.” Nothing in King Krule’s image is too eager. His shouts are barky, desperate but always retreat into the spoken, even tone of the verses. It’s the secret of ennui – nothing matters, but everything hurts enough to sing about.

Had so much fun at New York Comic Con this year! I got the Friday ticket last minute so I didn’t have time to make a costume. Following the advice of The Mary Sue, here I am as “Gotham“‘s Selena Kyle! Super easy and the clothes I got I know I’ll be wearing in the future!!

I got this gorgeous vintage lighter with a handpainted floral design and got to see a bunch of really cute toddlers cosplaying!

 A stupid stupid, 1-second messup on my computer meant all my files were deleted :( I’m still kicking myself in the head over that. 

I just got a ticket for NYCC TOMORROW! gonna throw some stuff together and cosplay as Selina Kyle from Gotham. HMU if you’re gonna be there. I’ll probably be lurking in the artist alley.

I just got a ticket for NYCC TOMORROW! gonna throw some stuff together and cosplay as Selina Kyle from Gotham. HMU if you’re gonna be there. I’ll probably be lurking in the artist alley.

geek girl con. carol corps. etc.


kelly sue just gave me a bunch of RAD STUFF to hand out at the “carol corps and the evolving face of fandom” panel on sunday.

this is entirely unofficial; let’s see if they let me do the thing. i hear they’re cool. i’m sure they will. plan b is i hand out a bunch of gifts after the panel like a weirdo. (a great weirdo.)

either way: i also have RAD STUFF to hand out on saturday. if i see you and you ask me for rad stuff i’ll give you rad stuff until i’m out of rad stuff!!

I want to gooooooo

RoomAlive, Microsoft’s full room gaming system!







Microsoft have developed the ultimate gaming system “RoomAlive”, hanging from the ceiling the core unit or node has 3 parts: A projector, a Kinect camera for depth sensing, and a computer. The nodes create a 3-D map of what it sees through the Kinect. Then, project a digital image “projection map” in the room.

more details in video below:

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basicbit-ch asked: Hi Christina, your voice is beautiful and when I heard it on Dance Moms i feel in love with your voice so much more. I was wondering is their any sites that i can find your song Disappear on piano with sheet music? xx

Hi! I’m so sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I don’t have any sheet music for it, but I know there are some piano covers on Youtube that you might be able to look at. Sorry!!!!

666strawberrymilk asked: Awesome!! I love your music you're so talented I've had Run on repeat on my playlist since its been out I think you're great❤️

Thanks so much! I haven’t done much recently, but I’m glad you like my music. My newest song is “My Man.” I haven’t recorded it but I’ve got a studio video -

666strawberrymilk asked: Hey! Sorry to bother you but are you the singer who sings disappear and run?❤️




My roomie’s been making popcorn as a snack and now the popping sound gets me hungry.



My roomie’s been making popcorn as a snack and now the popping sound gets me hungry.

Brilliant Comedians | The Vagenda

First article on the Vagenda about brilliant comedians who performed at the Fringe Festival this year. I love these guys - no holds, guns out feminists.